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Geometric Means(G.M.’s)

What is Geometric Means(G.M.’s)
Geometric Means is a value that comes between two number and series become an Geometric series (make a series an Geometric Series).

There are mainly two type of Geometric Means

1. Single Geometric Means
2. n Geometric Means

Single Arithmetic means-: Any number is known as single Geometric means between two numbers if all three term together become Geometric series.

For example if a and b are two given number and M is Geometric Means then series a,M,b must be a Geometric series
Example 2,4,8 in this series 4 is Geometric Means between 2 and 8

Geometric Means between two numbers

How to find single Geometric Means between two numbers
If a and b two numbers and M is Geometric Means between numbers Then according to rule

M= √ab

Find single G.M between 3 and 27


9 is single Geometric Mean between 3 and 27